Asking Who You Really Are

asking who you really are

Sometimes in life, you need to ask who you are. Who you really are.

Maybe it's not really you. Maybe all that they knew is just a mask. When you're going home and take off your mask, you don't even know who you are anymore. What you really want to do.

You're tired of showing a nice smile, expressing yourself, and giving the illusion that you are happy. Actually, you didn't feel anything at all.

Empty inside.

The wound of yours covered with a layer of fake skin.

So, I'm asking you, my friend. Why did you do that?

Show me your wounds please. We can treat it together. Back to your real self.

Waiting for the sunrise. Be happy.

Cuma sekadar pemikiran random di Sabtu pagi. Aku tahu bahwa sepertinya grammar-nya berantakan. Tapi aku sudah terlalu lama tidak menerjemah. So, yeah. Butuh berkutat dengan kamus dan belajar lagi.

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